June 28, 2017
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World Blood Donor Day 14 June 2017

World Blood Donor Day In India 14 June 2017

Every year on 14 June Countries Around The Globe Celebrate World Blood Donor Day The Event Serves To Thank Voluntary Unpaid Blood Donors For Their Life Saving Gifts Of Blood And To Raise Awareness Of The Need For Regular Blood Donations To Ensure The Quality Safety And Availability Of Blood And Blood Products For Patients In Need The Theme Of This Years World Blood Donor Day is Blood Connects Us All IT Focuses On Thanking Blood Donors And Highlights The Dimension Of Sharing And Connection Between Blood Donors 14 June 2017 And Patients The Slogan Share Life Give Blood Has Been Chosen To Draw Attention To The Roles That Voluntary Donation Systems Play In Encouraging People To Care For One Another And Promote Communal Harmony The Event Was Observed Under The Aegis Of National Blood Transfusion Council In Collaboration With All Stakeholders To Promote Voluntary Blood Donation At pgimer

World Blood Donor Day In India

Transfusion Of Blood And Blood Products Helps Save Millions Of Lives Every Year It Can Help Patients Suffering From Life Threatening Conditions Live Longer And With Higher Quality of Life And Supports Complex Medical And Surgical Procedures It Also Has An Essential life Saving Role In Maternal And Perinatal Care Access To Safe And Sufficient Blood And Blood Products Can Help Reduce Rates Of Beath And Disability Due To Severe Bleeding During Delivery And After Childbirth In Many Countries There Is Not An Adequate Supply Of Safe Blood Donor Day In India 14 June 2017 And Blood Services Face The Challenge Of Making Sufficient Blood Available While Also Ensuring Its Quality And Safety An Adequate Supply Can Only Be Assured A Through Regular Donations By Voluntary Unpaid Blood Donors The WHO Goal Is For All Countries To Obtain All Their Blood Supplies From Voluntary Unpaid  Donors By 2020 In 2014 60 Countries Have Their National Blood Supplies Based On 99-100% Voluntary Unpaid Blood Donations, With 73 Countries Still largely Dependent On Family And Paid Donors Although All Blood is Made Of The Same Basic Elements All Blood 14 June 2017 Is Alike In Fact There Are Eight Different Common Blood Types Which Are Determined By The Presence Or Absence Of Certain Antigens Substances That Can Trigger An Immune Response If They Are Foreign To The Body Since Some Antigens Can Trigger A Patients Immune System To Attack The Transfused  Blood Safe Blood Transfusions Depend On Careful Blood Typing And Cross Matching.

There Are Four Major Blood Groups Determined By The Presence Or Absence Of Two Antigens – A and B – On The Surface of Red
Blood Cells

Group -(A) – Has Only The (A) antigen On Red Cells ”And (B) Antibody In The Plasma”
Group -(B) – Has Only The (B) Antigen On Red Cells ”and (A) antibody In The Plasma”
Group -(AB) – Has Both (A) and (B) Antigens On Red Cells ”But Neither (A) Nor (B) Antibody In The Plasma”
Group -(O) – Has Neither (A) Nor (B) Antigens On Red Cells ”But Both (A) and (B) Antibody Are In The Plasma”


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