December 4, 2016
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Rio Olympic 2016 Vijender Singh Boxing Battle of 10 Rounds

Rio Olympic 2016 Vijender Singh Boxing Battle of 10 Rounds

Rio Olympic 2016 Vijender Singh Boxing Battle of 10 Rounds

Rio Olympic 2016 Vijender Singh Boxing Battle of 10 Rounds

In battle of 10-rounds experience takes on home favourite

Hope was after all simultaneously preparing to fight Vijender Singh for the WBO Asia Pacific super middleweight title.

Two Sunday’s ago, Kerry Hope ran in the Gold Coast marathon in Brisbane. He head been
planning to run the race for a while but had never really got around to doing it. While it may
have been an itch he wanted to scratch, the timing might have seemed a little unusual. Hope
was after all simultaneously preparing to fight Vijender Singh for the WBO Asia Pacific super
middleweight title. Would the road race be suitable preparation for 10 rounds against the hard punching Indian in Delhi a few weeks from then?
Hope certainly thought so. He didn’t run the entire marathon stopping on his coach’s advice
after running half the race in a very credible time of 1hour 35 minutes. “It’s not what I would say
every fighter should do but it’s a good way to test myself Hope said in Delhi five days before
his title fight with the Indian on Saturday.
At least in terms of sheer endurance, the 10-round contest is a close corollary to a long
distance race. While its only a 12 rounder that is considered true championship rounds, a 10-round contest for a regional title isn’t a whole lot easier. Professional boxers begin their careers fighting four-round contests before progressing to six and eight-round fights. As their fights grow longer fighters are tested in different ways. They need more stamina as they force the pace in the latter rounds. They also need to stay focused throughout the fight.

Your mind is the first thing to give up. When that happens, you have had it. So even when you
are drained you have to will yourself to keep going says Hope. The Australian knows his best
chance is to take the Indian to the final bell. His record suggests he doesn’t have stopping
power. But he does have a dogged relentlessness that seen him pull off decision upsets on
occasion most notably Grzegorz Proksa for the EBU European title back in 2012.

With a perfect six knock outs from as many contests so far Vijender has never been taken past
the fourth round. As such he has no ring experience of a gruelling battle.
Hope’s trainer Gareth Williams believes this gives his fighter an advantage. “Boxing a 10-round
contest is all about pacing yourself. Kerry has been boxing 10-round fights for the last seven years. He knows what pace he needs to fight at. For Vijender it will be a new experience. With the crowd behind him, he might want to start fast, but will he be able to keep that tempo. If he starts slow, will he be too slow?

questions Williams.

Kerry is a very busy fighter. He will keep coming at Vijender. He won’t let him catch a break for the entire fight, adds Williams.Vijender’s team on the other hand believes their fighter is up to the task. “I know a 10-round fight is going to be hard. Bahut maar lag sakti hai (you can be hit a lot). But I have been sparring for 12 rounds in training for this fight. I should be able to manage 10 rounds, Vijender himself says.And while he has nowhere close to the years of experience his opponent has, the Indian has been putting in the hard yards for a while now. Trainer Lee Beard says Vijender has been sparring 12 rounds three days a week for the last nine months.

Hope is a southpaw and Vijender has been sparring southpaws. He spars for four rounds each
with three different boxer. He gets steadily tired while they stay fresh. It’s not easy. It takes a lot
of mental strength and a lot of skill to take these rounds. The bell rings and he has to get up
and get on with it. Each guy of the guys he faces has more power than what he is going to face
against Hope. Each guy is technically better than what he will be facing Beard says.

Indeed Beard adds that longer fights would suit his fighter.The longer the fight, the more
opportunity you have to break the opponent down. Different fighters break down their
opponent in different ways. Longer fights will allow him to control fights better. You don’t need
to throw a hundred punches a round to be effective. Vijender is a very accurate fighter. For
every two punches he throws, he lands one. So he doesn’t need to throw as many. He has the
ability to break an opponent down steadily. He doesn’t need to rush his work. This means that
the longer a fight lasts, he will be a lot fresher against an opponent who swings a lot,” he says.

And while Beard has said that Vijender’s accuracy combined with his power would make him
likely to win by knock out, he will take a decision victory too if he has to. The middle rounds is
where a boxer can lose control. He can get a little bit fatigued. Vijender is sharp and he won’t
lose focus. Vijender will go for the knockout if he gets the opportunity but he will go in to win
every minute of every round. He will control this fight from start to finish whenever that will be
Beard says.

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