Ravindranath Tagore Inspiring Thoughts in Hindi

Rabindranath Tagore Inspiring Thoughts Quots Collection in Hindi

Rabindranath Tagore
Native Name :- Ravindranath Thakur (ravindranath)

Born :- 07 May 1861 Calcutta ,British India

Died :- 07 August 1941 (Aged 80) Calcutta ,British India

Occupation :- Writer, painter , Musician,

Language :- Bengali , English , Ethnicity Bengali

Rabindranath Tagore Thoughtsand Quotes

1:-  If You Cry Because The Sun Has Gone Out of Your life Your Tears Will Prevent You From Seeing              The   Stars.

2 :- Do Not Say It Is Morning  And Dismiss it With a Name Of Yesterday See it For The First Time As               A Newborn Child That Has No Name

3 :- I Slept And Dreamt That life Was Joy I Awoke And Saw That life Was Service I Acted And Behold            Service Was Joy

4 :- Death is Not Extinguishing The light It is Only Putting Out The lamp Because The Dawn Has Come

5 :- Don’t limit a Child To Your Own learning For He Was Born In Another Time.

6:- I Have Become My Own Version Of an Optimist  If I Can’t Make it Through One Door, I’ll Go                     Through Another Door  Or I’ll Make a Door Something Terrific Will Come No Matter How Dark The           Present

7 :- Love is The Only Reality And it is Not a Mere Sentiment It Is The Ultimate Truth That Lies At The          Heart of Creation

8:-  The Water in A Vessel is Sparkling The Water in The Sea is Dark The Small Truth Has Words Which        Are Clear The Great Truth Has Great Silence

9 :- The Highest Education is That Which Does Not Merely Give Us information But Makes Our life in               Harmony With All Existence

10:-  I Slept And Dreamt That life Was joy I Awoke And Saw That life Was Service I Acted And Behold              Service Was Joy

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