December 9, 2016
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During The Pregnancy Period Exercising is Very Useful

During The Pregnancy Period Exercising is Very Useful

During The Pregnancy Period Exercising is Very Useful


During The Pregnancy Period Exercising is Very Useful

Likewise, there was a lower incidence of C-section in women who exercised during pregnancy – 17 per cent of exercising women had a C-section versus 22 per cent in those who did not.

Exercising during pregnancy not only lowers the risk of C-sections and gestational diabetes, but also does not increase the risk of preterm birth, a new study has found. Researchers collected and re-examined clinical trial data on exercise during pregnancy and whether it plays a role in preterm birth. Historically, women were discouraged from vigorous exercise during pregnancy because of the risk of preterm birth.The thinking was that exercise releases norepinephrine in the body, which is a chemical that can stimulate contractions of the uterus, and thus lead to preterm birt said Vincenzo Berghella, from the Thomas Jefferson University in the US. But numerous studies including this new meta-analysis, have since shown that exercise does not harm the baby, and can have benefits for the mom and baby, said Berghella.

Researchers pooled data from nine randomised controlled studies in which pregnant women were divided into two groups. Of the 2,059 women who were included in the analysis, about half (1,022 women) exercised for 35-90 minutes 3-4 times per week for 10 weeks or up until their delivery, whereas the other half, (1,037 women) engaged in no exercise. The researchers found that there was no significant increase in preterm birth, defined as delivery before 37 weeks, in women who exercised than in those who did not. There were, however, a few benefits. Women who exercised were more likely to deliver vaginally – 73 per cent of exercising women delivered vaginally whereas 67 per cent of non-exercising women delivered vaginally.
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