February 23, 2017
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Dhanteras Poja Samagri or Time Teble

 Dhanteras Poja Samagri or Time Teble (धन्तेरस पूजा सामग्री और शुभ मुहर्त)

Diwali festival starts on Dhanteras. Thery are sareching to Dhanteras poja samgire and poja time teble. How to check fanny jock or loveli sms Fanny image, Dhanteras poja Vidi, Dipavli Poja Havan samgari, Dhanters poja time teble  and impotentant poja vidi on the website rkalert.com. They are good news for all gays man and woman can check Dhanteras jevlari selvar and gold soping time in 5.15 pm/ 8.30 am. And other Soping time teble 10.11am or 9.00 pm. I am sharing with you how to do Yama Deepdan, Dhanwantari puja and Lakshmi puja on Dhanteras.

Dhanteras Puja, Dhantrayodashi Puja and samagri पूजा सामग्री

Dhanteras Puja, Dhantrayodashi Puja and samagri

Dhantrayodashi which is also known as Dhanteras is the first (1st day) of five days long Diwali festivities. On the day of Dhantrayodashi, Goddess Lakshmi came out of the ocean during the churning of the Milky Sea. They are Perform Dhanteras Poja in a esy and Simple Manner we Provide you the list of Dhanteras Poja Samagri. Hence, Goddess Lakshmi, along with Lord Kubera who is the God of wealth, is worshipped on the auspicious day of Trayodashi. Here is the list of Dhanteras Pooja Samagri. How to check Dhanters Pooja Samagari and Collect these items before starting Dhanteras poojan.

 (धनतेरस पुजा विधि) 


  • a small wooden slab with small legs.
  • Make a swastik with roli on it.
  • Now put an earthen lamp on it and light the earthen lamp.
  • Put 2 rupee coin Take in it.
  • Now offer some flowers to lamp.
  • Do pranam to earthen lamp.
  • Offer tilak to family members
  • Now take a cowry shell with hole and put it into earthen lamp.
  • Shower water (Gangajal or pure water) around lamp 3 times.
  • Put tilak of roli on lamp. Then put raw whole rice on tilak.
  • Offer some sugar to it.

How to Dhanwantari Poja पुजा करने विधि

Recite Dhanwantari Mantra at least 108 times. Dhanwantari mantra is : “Om Dhan Dhanvantaraye Namah” “ॐ धं धन्वन्तरये नमः“. Say after the end of recitation, “O Lord Dhanwantari! I offer this recitation in your lotus feet. Please give us good health.”After lighting earthen Mombati or Lamp for Lord Yama do dhanwantari puja at your home. Sit in your puja room.

How to Do Ganesh Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras

Ganesh Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras

After Dhanwantari puja you must do panchopchar puja of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi.

  • Ganesh Panchopchar puja : First do puja of Ganesh ji.
  • Show earthen lamp to him.
  • Offer dhoop to him.
  • Offer scent to Lord Ganesha.
  • Offer flowers in his lotus feet.
  • Offer sweets (naivedya) to Lord Ganesh.
  • Lakshmi Panchopchar Puja : Do panchopchar puja of Goddess Lakshmi
  • same as you did of Lord Ganesh.

Dhanteras Puja For Business व्यापारिक मुहर्त  

Dhanteras Puja For Business   

Lakshmi-Kuber poja is famous in order to expand or growth of business. This poojan is basically/Normali performed to gain the legitimate wealth. So, those who are facing the finance or business related issue must perform this pooja or Homam to remove the obstacles. It is said that those who perform this pooja get the blessing from the Goddess Lakshmi.

शुभ मुहर्त धनतेरस सुबह 9.15am से शाम 11pm)

जेवराती खरीदने का समय 5.00pm से रात्रि 9.36 pm

How to check and daunloud danteras poja samgari or imegs and poojan time

Danteras sms

Dipavali sweets sms and shayri (शायरी और watasup messeg)

दीपावाली की हार्दिक शुभकामना

Dhanteras sms

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जानिए इस दीपावली और धन्तेरस के दिन आप के घर में क्या शुभ होंगा यहाँ क्लिक करें?

कैसे करें कुबेर महाराज को खुश यहाँ क्लिक करें?

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