February 28, 2017
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Bachelorette season finale recap JoJo makes her choice

Bachelorette season finale recap JoJo makes her choice


This week JoJo made her choice between two former athletes with great hair on the finale episode of “The Bachelorette.”Jordan Rodgers got the first impression rose, the first kiss and the final rose. The quarterback in the end – as many predicted – was the one who dropped down on one knee, Neil Lane diamond in hand, and got the Bachelorette’s final “I do,” during the last episode of ABC’s reality dating show.


While JoJo did favor Jordan Rodgers (and pick him in the end) all season it was Robby Hayes who won over the heart of JoJo’s family. The Bachelorette, along with the rest of her family was moved to tears, over how much the ex-competitive swimmer seemed to genuinely care for her. He sat down in front of both her mother and father and asked them for permission to propose to their daughter. Jordan, while JoJo was definitely thrilled by the date’s end, did not ask her parents for permission himself, in spite of telling her the week before how much he had hoped to get the opportunity to do so.


JoJo’s parents and her brothers recognized she was in love with two people equally, but they seemed to lean towards Robby during their advice session with “The Bachelorette.” Her mom said he was “more husband material,” and they revealed to her Jordan did not ask for their permission to marry. She was shocked and upset that Jordan didn’t take advantage of the opportunity, and her brothers definitely seemed to support her doubts. One of her brothers pointed out that her defense of the former-QB was a sign that she wanted to end up with him. The Bachelorette was reduced to tears by the conversation’s end, but her father promised to support her no matter what.


During their final date, JoJo and Robby spent the day playing in the water and imagining their future – in vivid detail, courtesy of her suitor – while sitting on the beach. He said he felt like his life hadn’t started before he met her, and JoJo said she didn’t doubt anything about Robby’s love for her. Robby also managed to plan out a collection of photos that depict each of their big milestones, from their first meeting to the finale episode.

Jordan and JoJo spent their final one-on-one time on a boat, but JoJo couldn’t stop thinking about why her suitor didn’t seek out her parents’ blessing. After a romantic kayak ride JoJo called out the former athlete for not talking with her parents about their future and marriage. He said he didn’t feel comfortable asking not knowing the he was her final choice. Later in the evening JoJo tried to dig deep with Jordan and get rid of her dates – she told him her asking her father for his blessing was important to her. By the night’s end though, it seemed like JoJo and Jordan had salvaged their night.


Jordan did his best to rectify the situation. He called up JoJo’s parents and asked for both her parents permission to get on one knee and propose – of course they happily obliged. The Bachelorette was then reduced to tears by two heartfelt notes written by both of her suitors.This is the kind of love that I want to have, you know?” she said through tears, adding she might be having a panic attack.This is going to be painful,” Chris Harrison promised the live audience.After Robby poured his heart out to the Bachelorette, JoJo stopped him from getting down on one knee, she told him her heart was somewhere else. Robby clearly thought he was going to pick him and was crushed by JoJo’s rejection of his heartfelt confession of love.


“I’m just trying to follow my heart and I hope that it’s right,” she told him.Jordan once again shared his love for the Bachelorette and before he got down on one knee and putting a ring on JoJo’s finger.

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